Synflex Thermoplastic Hose – Better Quality Hose

Synflex Thermoplastic Hose is designed specifically for better durability and flexibility than standard hoses. Hose products are depended on to withstand high temperatures and harsh elements of all kinds. Because of that, it is important to choose the correct hose material. Rubber hose tends to crack as it gets worn out which can lead to fluid loss and rupture. These problems can cost companies thousands of dollars in repairs and lead to equipment downtime.

synflex thermoplastic hose

The Thermoplastic Synflex® hydraulic hose from Eaton is intended to replace standard rubber hose and metal tubing applications. The Eaton Synflex® hydraulic hose is made from materials that are lighter in weight and more abrasion resistant than rubber. Abrasive wear is often a problem with hydraulic hoses and using thermoplastic hose will decrease the chances of an abrasion type failure. Furthermore, thermoplastic hoses are highly chemical resistant and can tolerate high pressures that rubber hoses are not rated for.

Another advantage of Eaton Synflex Thermoplastic hose is the variety of available colors. It is not uncommon to have multiple hydraulic lines together in one area and distinguishing one from another can be difficult when all the hoses are the same color. With an array of colors is it possible to color code the hydraulic lines making for quick identification. Eaton not only makes hydraulic hoses, but they also have a line of thermoplastic tubing for natural gas, water, and general purposes. Along with producing high quality thermoplastic hoses, Eaton has developed a thermoplastic hose crimp sleeve that increases reliability in thermoplastic hoses.

The Eaton Synflex Thermoplastic hose crimp sleeve allows for more than 500 hose configurations, including added jump sizes and terminal ends. The ability to use a fitting for multiple sizes of thermoplastic hoses can significantly decrease the need for backup inventory.

The Eaton Thermoplastic hose crimp sleeve will take the shape of the chosen socket size and help to better hold the hose in the fitting. The crimp sleeve is blue plated, which adds protection against corrosive materials. There is a blue sleeve that is used to indicate the use of an Eaton Thermoplastic hose crimp sleeve. The crimp sleeve has been engineered to exceed both SAE 100R7 and SAE 100R8 standards.

There are many reasons to consider using Synflex thermoplastic hose instead of standard rubber hose. The increased durability of the Eaton Synflex hydraulic hose means less need for replacement and therefore less money lost on hydraulic hose repairs and downtime.

With an assortment of other Synflex Thermoplastic hose options, such as general purpose, water, and natural gas, there is sure to be an Eaton thermoplastic hose that fits most situations. In addition, the Thermoplastic hose crimp sleeve offered by Eaton allows for the adaptation of hundreds of fitting sizes. This is another way the superior quality of Eaton products will make your business more successful.