Aeroquip 4S/6S Spiral Hose Fittings

Spiral Hose Fittings

Spiral Hose FittingsEaton has taken hydraulic fittings to the next level with the introduction of the Aeroquip 4S/6S Spiral Hose Fittings. Eaton is continually developing new products designed to improve hydraulic hose and fitting functionality and increase part life expectancy.

The Aeroquip 4S/6S Spiral Hose Fittings incorporate three new features that are designed for more dependable hydraulic hose fittings: Dura-Seal™ Technology, Dura-Kote™ Plating, and the MatchMate identification system. The incorporation of these features leads to a more dependable and lasting hydraulic hose solution.

Dura-Seal™ Technology

Achieving a proper seal with hydraulic hoses is imperative for machinery to function correctly. Without a sealed fitting, the result can mean loss of fluid, idle equipment, and decreased revenue. The Aeroquip 4S/6S Spiral Hose Fittings incorporate a new technology developed by Eaton called Dura-Seal™.

This Dura-Seal™ technology features a special O-ring on the hydraulic fitting connector nipple that eliminates cool-down leakage; a common problem with hydraulic fittings. Eaton has tested Dura-Seal™ for leakage using high impulse pressure, which puts tremendous pressure on the fitting, and the result is zero leakage.

Furthermore, the pressure testing has shown no moisture accumulation on the nipple; a common problem that often leads to interior corrosion. Eaton’s Dura-Seal™ technology will make hydraulic hose fittings more reliable and less susceptible to failure.

Dura-Kote™ Plating

The harsh environment that hydraulics hoses and fittings are subjected to can often lead to corrosion. When a hydraulic fitting becomes corroded its seal can become compromised as can its structural integrity leading to leaks and ruptures.

Rust can begin to form on unplated carbon steel fittings within hours of being exposed to the elements. Aeroquip 4S/6S Spiral Hose Fittings have been specially designed using Dura-Kote™ Plating technology to better prevent corrosion.

Dura-Kote™ Plating has been shown to extend the life of carbon steel hydraulic fittings by offering three times the corrosion protection of standard fittings. In fact, Eaton’s Dura-Kote™ fittings can withstand up to 1000 hours of operation in harsh environments before red rust, which results in less downtime for your machinery.

Corrosion of Current Carbon Steel Adapters after 650 hours of exposure to salt spray testing. As you can see in the photos above, carbon steel fluid conveyance products with Eaton’s DURA-KOTE™ plating technology resist rust longer than other carbon steel products available today.

Watch the video above to learn more about DURA-KOTE™ plating technology by EATON.

MatchMate Identification System

Finding the correct fitting for a hydraulic hose can be sometimes be difficult, and purchasing the incorrect part can cause unwanted delays and a loss of production. There are multiple manufacturers of hydraulic fittings and many of these do not produce universal sizes. Making this more complicated is the lack of a definitive parts identification list.

Fortunately, Eaton has made the task of finding the correct fitting much easier with the introduction of the MatchMate spiral hose/fitting identification system.


Each Aeroquip 4S/6S Spiral Hose Fitting and hydraulic hose is etched with identification numbers that show the hose fitting series, end connection size, end connection code, and the hose dash size. When a hydraulic hose and fitting need to be replaced, these identification codes will ensure that the replacement fits properly.