Industrial Hose Insta-Lock Coupling

The Insta-Lock coupling from Continental Contitech is an innovative hose coupling system designed to work with Continental brand industrial hoses. The Insta-Lock coupling system utilizes 10 improved design features that were developed by Continental after years of research and in-the-field testing.

Design Features:

1. Automatic Locking Handles – The patented automatically locking handles designed by Continental Contitech ensure a secure fit between connections, without the hassle of manual locking handles. The Insta-Lock couplings locking handles simple design decreases the chances of dirt build-up that can sometimes lead to a weak connection.

2. No-Snag Design – One of the most common problems associated with industrial hose couplings is snagging caused by coupling rings. The Insta-Lock coupling has pull rings that fit into designated “Lock Zones” on the coupling, thus reducing the chances that the hose will get snagged when it is being dragged or pulled.

3. Lock-Out Padlock Holes – The innovative hose couplings from Contitech allow for the insertion of a padlock to ensure that the coupling remains connected if the handle pins fail or are accidentally removed.

4. Ergonomic Handles – Locking the handles of some industrial hose couplings can be difficult and hard on the hands. However, the Insta-Lock system comes an ergonomic handle design that is more comfortable to lock than competitor’s models, thanks to specially designed “palm pads.”

5. Damage-Resistant Design – Industrial hoses are often subjected to a lot of inadvertent abuse, and this can result in hose system failure. Continental Contitech has taken notice of this and, in turn, has engineered their industrial hose Insta-Lock couplings to withstand rugged conditions. The V-shaped struts on the coupling are made to boost strength and reduce the change of breakage due to the coupling being repeatedly dropped.

6. Improved Serration Design – It is not uncommon for industrial hoses to become detached from their couplings because the serration inside the coupling does not grip the hose properly. The Insta-Lock coupling helps eliminate the chance of a hose disconnect by utilizing a serrated profile that meets ASTM specifications and better grips the hose on the interior of the coupling.

7. Damage-Resistant Pull Rings – Pull rings are a vital part of industrial hose couplings. They are used in the connection and disconnection of the coupling and are often subjected to abuse from dragging. Continental Contitech has taken notice of this and therefore have built their pull rings out of heavy duty spring steel. In addition, there is a pull ring “lock zone” on the coupling to better keep it out of harm’s way.

8. “Hose Stop” Feature – When an industrial hose is crimped it can begin to elongate causing the hose to weaken and even loosen from its fitting. The Insta-Lock coupling is designed in a way that will ensure the hose does not get deformed when crimped.

9. Precision Machined Hose Shanks – The shanks on the Insta-Lock coupling have been machined in a way so that they better hold the hose in place, whether it is banded or crimped. This will prevent the hose from slipping off the shank if it becomes stretched.

10. Smooth Flow Design – The flow of fluid is important when using an industrial hose and in some cases the design of the hose can impede the flow. This is not the case with the Continental Contitech Insta-Lock coupling as it has been specially designed to maximize flow rate and reduce fluid turbulence.

Full Line Solutions:

  • Male adapters x female thread
  • Female couplers x male NPT thread
  • Female couplers x hose shank
  • Female couplers x female thread
  • Male adapters x hose shank
  • Male adapters x male thread
  • Dust Plug for use with all couplers
  • Dust Cap for use with adapters
  • Jump Sizes available in aluminum