Eaton Evercool AC Hose

Eaton Evercool AC Hose

Refrigerant hoses are relied upon to keep both equipment operators and shipped goods at adequate temperatures. Unfortunately, these A/C hose systems often leave a substantial and unwanted environmental footprint.

With this in mind, Eaton has introduced the Evercool A/C hose to reduce environmental damage and increase sustainability.


Permeation Elimination

One of the foremost problems with A/C hoses is the loss of coolant as it permeates through the walls of the hose. Not only does this significantly reduce efficiency, but it also causes the release of harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. To counter these ill effects, Eaton has constructed the Evercool hose with a patent-pending two layer construction.

These two layers are combined together through the use of a veneer bond which minimized permeation and maximizes the compatibility of oils and refrigerants. The dual layer construction makes for a hose that is incredibly resistant to wear and kinking. In comparison with other AC hoses, the Evercool surpasses the competition in the temperature range, permeation resistance, and flexibility.

Extreme Performance

There is no doubt that having a reliable A/C hose is a must in commercial applications. Without hose reliability, there is a chance that operators will not be kept cool and neither will the goods that require refrigeration during transportation. The Eaton Evercool hose has an operational temperature range that far surpasses any other A/C hoses in its class. In fact, the Evercool hose is not only more resistant to wear thanks to its dual-layer design, but it is also UV resistant which greatly extends that life of A/C hoses that are continually exposed to direct sunlight.

Benefits of the Evercool AC Hose

  • Low Permeation Value – As it has been shown, the Eaton Evercool hose eliminates the permeation of coolant materials. This helps to reduce the footprint that is left on the environment through the use of harmful chemicals.
  • Heat Resistant – The dual layer construction of the Evercool hose means that it has a much greater resistance to temperature fluctuations, including extended exposure to high temperatures. This significantly reduces the chance of the hose being compromised in high demand applications.
  • Easy to Install – To make the change to the Evercool hose, Eaton has ensured that the hose is designed for easy installation. The hose can be installed in most applications within minutes, providing immediate permeation relief.
  • Multiple Applications – Unlike the A/C hoses of competitors, the Eaton Evercool hose can be used in a variety of implementations, including vehicles used for transportation such as vans and trucks. In addition, the Evercool hose works great in construction air conditioning and refrigeration systems.
  • High Performance – The Eaton Evercool hose has been put through a rigorous testing process which notes the integrity of the couplings by using vibration and impulse testing. This testing will ensure that the hose will perform properly under nearly any condition. In addition, this vibration testing proves that fittings will remain secure when under duress.

In Summary

The Evercool hose eliminates permeation and increases heat resistance through the use of two layers of hose material and the superior design of the Evercool hose offers extreme performance qualities where others fail. If you are in the market for an industrial strength coolant hose, look no further than the Evercool by Eaton.

LPG Delivery Pro Hose

LPG Delivery Pro Hose – Proven Reliability & Longer Service Life.

When it comes to the transfer of liquid propane it is important to have a hose system that is both durable and flexible. With this in mind, Continental ContiTech has developed the LPG Delivery Pro Hose to better meet the demands of the industry. Here are some of the features that make the Delivery Pro Hose well worth consideration:

Contitech LPG Hose

Independently Evaluated

Underwriters Laboratory is well-known as a leader in independent safety and secure product certification, in fact, the LPG Delivery Pro assembly is the only delivery system to be listed by UL. This makes the ContiTech Delivery Pro the premier LPG transfer hose available for both commercial and residential retailers.

LPG Hose Specs

Increased Flexibility

Having a flexible hose is a must when transferring substances like liquid propane gas, and this is especially important in cold weather, as low temperatures can cause hose materials to become rigid. To counter this, ContiTech has constructed the LPG Delivery Pro Hose using a specially designed rubber compound that allows for greater flexibility in temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit. This increased flexibility makes it easier for drivers to handle and reel.

Resistant to Abrasion

Often when refilling propane systems, drivers are required to drag LPG hoses over long distances and any resistance against the surface can be problematic. Therefore, ContiTech developed the Delivery Pro hose with a smooth synthetic rubber cover to reduce surface friction.

In addition, this outer cover provides increased protection against abrasion and gashes as it is pulled across the ground, and this goes a long way in increasing the lifespan of the hose.

Reduced Contamination

Contamination is one of the foremost concerns when it comes to transferring liquid propane, as the transfer of fluids can cause substances to buildup in storage tanks and valves.

ContiTech has taken notice of this by implementing advanced technologies and specially designed rubber compounds to reduce the chance of contamination. In the end, this design helps by increasing efficiency levels and customer satisfaction.

Top choice for both commercial and residential use

propane-truckUsing the proper equipment during the transfer of liquid propane is vital for efficiency and safety, and there is no better choice than the LPG Delivery Pro Hose by Continental ContiTech.

The LPG Delivery Pro Hose provides greater flexibility, higher abrasion resistance, a rubber compound made to reduce contamination and is the only LPG hose assembly listed by Underwriter Laboratories. Therefore it is the top choice for both commercial and residential use.

Call or Stop by at a local Omni Services Retail Hose Center near you to order Continental Contitech LPG Delivery Pro Hose.