Hose Crimper Machines

Eaton Hose Crimp Machines

Hose crimping is a vital part of hydraulic hose construction. Without a proper crimp the hose can fail by either over crimping or under crimping. In either case, this can lead to a dangerous and expensive situation. Eaton offers several models of crimping machines that are designed to ensure the best crimp possible.



The ET1000 is a portable crimper from Eaton that is built to crimp all 1-wire and 2-wire braid hose fittings of up to 1-1/4 inch in diameter and all 4-wire spiral fittings of up to 1 inch.

The ET1000 is the most economical of all the crimpers offered by Eaton and one of the easiest to operate. The ET1000 uses a similar design style to that of the FT1370, but it does not use the ProCrimp die cages.

Instead the ET1000 implements a 2-piece half collet assembly for crimping. The ET1000 can be made to operate by a hand pump, air or hydraulic pump, or electrical power, making this crimper very versatile. Download Eaton ET1000 Hose Crimp Machine Brochure Here



The Aeroquip PROCRIMP FT1380 is designed to crimp more than 20 types of Eaton hose up to a diameter of 1 ¼ inch. The FT1380 features a digital display that allows users to set crimping specifications and program up to 10 crimp settings, as seen on this video:

The electronic controls also ensure that each crimp is accurate and solid, which helps to ensure that every hose fitting has been properly secured to the hose. Download Eaton FT1380 Hose Crimper Brochure Here



The PROCRIMP FT1390 by Aeroquip is a stationary crimping machine, designed to crimp Eaton hose fittings up to 2 inches in diameter, including hose models that are made from 4 and 6 spiral wire.

The FT1390 features an electronic keypad that allows the user to specify the crimp diameter to ensure a solid crimp is achieved. Additional features of this Eaton hose fitting crimper include crimp die cages and a backstop fitting locator. Download Eaton FT1390 Hose Crimper Brochure Here



The ET3000 is a portable crimper designed to crimp Eaton hose fitting assemblies for a variety of hose types, including thermoplastic, spiral braid, and single braid. Eaton has developed the ET3000 to work exclusively with Eaton hose parts.

As seen in the video below:

the Eaton ET3000 hose crimper has two ergonomic handles and a solid frame, which make this model easy to transport. In order to make the ET3000 even more accommodating, Eaton has developed it so that it can be powered using either a hand pump, air, hydraulics, or a 110-volt electrical connection.
Download Eaton ET3000 Portable Hose Crimper Brochure Here